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KGS/630 S with 4300 x 2200 mm working cut and 80 mm thickness (automatic vertical cut)

The continuous research and testing of the materials used, the improved processing, the controls carried out during production and final tests have enabled us to create top-quality vertical panel saws.
The agile and sturdy structure, which can be completely demounted, allows for the extremely simple and precise cutting of large quantities of material.
The vertical panel saws KGS/630 S semi-automatic version (automatic vertical cut),KGS/660 S automatic version and with electronic programmer for horizontal cutting, have been produced with pacesetting hi-tech and will an accurate safety system according to the current standards.
The continuous equivalent average acoustic radiation pressure 72,0 +/- 2 dBA (idling), 82,0 +/- 2 dBA (processing).

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