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KGS/400 E with 4200 x 2200 mm working cut and 50 mm thickness

A strenght and stabil monobloc structure with sizes reduced at maximum, allows to cut boards of considerable dimensions in a minimum room.
We produce vertical panel saws since 35 years, and the experience acquired has allowed us to plan a panel saw simple and pratice to use at a very contained price.
Upper fence made of ground hardened and tempered steel always ensuring accurate square edging processing. Sawing unit covered with soundproof material reducing noise and vibrations at minimum. Steel base adjustable at any point and accurate control during the various processing stages to guarantee handy, reliable, cheap and technologically advanced machines to our costumers. Average equivalent continuos acoustic radiation pressure 72.0 dBA (no load); 78 dBA (working); mt. 2 intermediate turnover support; 2 stops for vertical cuts.

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