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KGS/700 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM with 4100 x 2100 mm working cut and 80 mm thickness
(electronic numeric control on two axes)

The mod. KGS/700 ELCTRONIC SYSTEM vertical panel saw is the only (vertical) unit of its kind in the world featuring an electronic programmer capable of performing sequence cuts and executing the entered work program order in a totally reliable, precise and speedy manner. The KGS/700 E.S. unit is capable of executing any type of cutting or scoring operation, from the simplest A-B-C-D to the most complicated E-F cutting diagrams. Doors and windows can also be made inside the panel by entering cutting data in the programmer (G.) The panel saw can be connected by serial output to a P.C., from which it can receive data such as: cutting optimization, work program memor y increase, display of cutting diagrams. The KGS/700 E.S. can solve any type of work problem and ensures practical, reliable and safe operation.

Possibility of setting 90 programs, each of which may contain 18 different measures that can be repeated 99 times. Both absolute and incremental values may be inserted into the programmer, as well as saw-blade thickness, clearance recovery and length of cut to be carried out. Moreover, it is possible to adjust working speed, positionig and quick-return. It is possible to choose the cutting sequence: horizontal + vertical, or vertical + horizontal. For horizontal cuts, processing from up- downwards - or viceversa - may be chosen. The KGS/700 ELECTRONIC SYSTEM makes it possible to work as follows: in the automatic mode, by setting the cutting values on the programmer display; in the semiautomatic mode, by manually positioning the sawing-head on the measure desired and manually carrying out measures and cuts. The continuous equivalent average acoustic radiation pressure 72,0 +/- 2 dBA (idling), 82,0 +/- 2 dBA (processing).

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