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KGS/660 S EM6 with 4300 x 2200 mm working cut and 80 mm thickness
(electronically programmable horizontal cut and automatic in vertical cut)

The KGS/660 S - EM6 model is a vertical panel saw/sizing unit with an electronic programmer for programmed control of horizontal cuts.
On this machine in fact, up to 15 cuts can be performed with different measurements, each repeatable 90 times. Vertical cutting is done automatically with traditional beam unit coupling fixed points.
The KGS/660 S - EM6 is therefore ideal for performing cuts in high positions, to repeat horizontal work programmes.
The vertical panel saw/sizing machine mod. KGS/660 S - EM6 has been designed to incorporate leading-edge technological solutions and highly-efficient safety systems that comply with applicable regulations.
Equivalent average continuous level of sound pressure 72.0 2 dBA (empty), 82 2 dBA (working).

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